Government Relations

Successful advocacy today requires more than relationships with decision-makers and knowledge of government process and issues. It demands an understanding of the political environment in which decisions are made and the ability to align client and policy maker objectives. Our bipartisan experience, from Washington D.C. to state capitols to city halls, will help you achieve your business and policy objectives.

We have assisted a wide range of clients including individuals, associations, non-profits, corporations and public sector clients in their federal, state, and local legislative and funding efforts. Our team has a proven record in handling wide-ranging and complex matters in varied fields including transportation, education, natural resource, community and economic development, government contracting health care, business development, as well as navigating the intricacies of various appropriations processes.

Our Expertise

  • We have the ability and expertise to represent your interests through lobbying at the state and local level for favorable legislation.

  • Our expertise in regulatory affairs has led to project approvals for countless private developers and energy transmission projects

  • Our team of top staff and advisors to leading Democrat and Republican elected officials provides political intelligence and access to key decision makers

  • We have a lobbying presence in 10 Western states through the WestNet Alliance

  • We have vast experience in crafting effective public engagement strategies for a diverse array of clients and issues

  • Our extensive grassroots and coalition building strategies are proven effective in wide ranging campaigns